Our first newsletter of the year posed the question; ‘New Beginnings or just a new year? A few months later we

find ourselves revisiting this question and it sure feels like we may be experiencing something new. Not only for ourselves, our industry, our country, but our world. We now tread lightly, choose our words carefully behind masks, and put others first.

We wish to extend our thanks to all our past, active, and potential clients for their unwavering support during our nationwide lockdown. Although it may seem obvious, people are at the core of what we do as architects and designers. This has become more fitting now as we continue to design and deliver projects with the necessary care, attention, and sensitivity.

We have been fortunate to continue working on some incredible and challenging projects. Some will inspire while others will add value to existing properties. Others will attract the attention it deserves, all while they deliver a comfortable and well-designed home for our clients.

Given that we are phasing out of a lockdown, we ensure you that the continuity we have already instilled will not waiver. We foresee many of our projects resuming work on the respective sites. As required, we will attend regular site inspections and meetings, while respecting the safety and sanitation of all involved.


It is also during these uncertain times that you may ask yourself whether it is a good idea to start designing a new house now?

With technological advances, our software, and various design programmes, we were fortunate enough to continue working remotely on projects without any obstacles.

Throughout lockdown, we had more time to spend on projects, which, as history has taught us, is perhaps the most valuable asset to an architect. The groundwork required in completing initial designs, 3D images, the various approvals, as well as council and working drawings, takes a significant amount of time.

The outcome of projects in terms of proper planning, attention to detail and specification, as well as preparing the relevant documentation required for execution in this time is vital.

The study/home office has gained prominence as we have had to consider how we live, work, and gym from home, and maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. This has become inherent to our thinking on our most recent projects, from a bush lodge to renovations to a house on the Vaal.

We are currently busy with addition and alteration design plans on a holiday home in Bantry Bay and Bryanston. New residential projects in Florida USA, Ireland, Zimbali Estate, Irene, residences in Botswana, and Makhado are progressing well. We will keep you abreast of developments on these projects in the coming months.

For now, we are resuming our duties on sites in Australia, Zimbabwe, and across Gauteng. Sites in Steyn City, Blue Hills, Bryanston, Sandhurst, and Waterfall Estate are re-opening.

We may be socially distanced, but we stand for social solidarity.

Our best wishes and may you stay safe.

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Beautiful and we’ll organized.

tom ramanaledi

A prove that great things ‘happen in silence’. we can’t hear the orbit of the earth. In silence, the NVDM produced the memorable masterpieces.
Well done Tom Ramanaledi Groblerdal

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