"We followed Nico van der Meulen Architects for a while and loved their work and when the time came for us to build our dream home, there was no better architect to execute our vision than this family. Working with the NVDM team has been an absolute delight. Over the past few years, the level of attentiveness and support we received from every member of the NVDM and M Square team has not changed from the start. The commitment and passion of every member of this team is unmatched making one feel like their only client… This level of dedication and communication really made us feel valued, because often professionals have their vision and find it hard to incorporate what the clients have envisioned also. This was never an issue with us and the NVDM team as we would always look forward to each meeting. Looking back now after having completed the project, with a few challenges along the way, we are grateful we had the NVDM team with us all the way. If we are to build a masterpiece again, we would appoint NVDM Architects to manage the new project."

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