06 Feb: The Modern Design

Due to the fact that most people use the term “modern” design when they actually mean contemporary design, it is important to understand exactly what is meant when the term “modern” is used, especially in the architectural field.

09 Dec: Outdoor Summer Entertaining

Many years ago Chevrolet had a song: “ Braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies, and Chevrolet……..” (Revealing my age here). I always thought they forgot the pool and shade under the sunny skies.

21 Nov: The Modern Kitchen Design

The modern kitchen in some aspects differs a lot from the kitchen of yesteryear, but in some respects harks back to even earlier kitchens

07 Oct: Reflections on design and building

I was joking with a client the other day, wishing we would have fun on their project, but also warning them that building is hard work, entailing sweat and tears.

20 Nov: Designing Your Dream Home

Designing Your Dream Home – Many people will, at some time, contemplate employing a professional to design their dream house…

20 Oct: Design of the home office

Clients building up-market homes have for many years required more than just a study from us, but due to the COVID virus there is a lot more interest in home offices.

29 May: Why it is a good idea to…

Why it is a good idea to get your building designed now It may be counterintuitive but getting a building…

21 May: Design of the dwelling: “Style”

This month we explore the concept of Style… An architecture style is a collection of external influences that shape the…

14 Apr: Is modern or contemporary architecture going to stay relevant and not date? And what is the difference?

This is a question I’m asked fairly often. Let us first look at where modern and contemporary differs. Contemporary vs….

31 Mar: Selecting a stand (erf) for a Contemporary House

Selecting a stand (erf) for a Contemporary House A common concern of our clients is when given a choice of…