As we near the end of the year, let’s take a moment to embrace the anticipation and excitement that permeates our studio during this season, as we meticulously put the finishing touches on projects ahead of the upcoming December break.

The past month has been truly exceptional, signaling the arrival of spring in the southern hemisphere and infusing us with a renewed vigor for crafting architecture and interior spaces that resonate deeply with our senses.  This renewed focus on sensory experiences leads us to an intriguing concept in architecture called phenomenology.

Phenomenology is an approach that delves into the profound understanding of the physical and sensory experiences within buildings and the surrounding environments, all from a first-person perspective.

In this philosophy, we place a strong emphasis on the subjective, lived experience of architecture.  It’s about going beyond aesthetics, making them not just visually captivating and functional, but profoundly meaningful.

Leopard Orchid Lodge demonstrates this concept well.  This private luxury lodge is fully integrated within its surroundings, becoming an extension of the landscape. The material palette originates from its natural setting, rich in texture and evokes a sense of curiosity and excitement upon approach. Rammed earth walls offset the intricate aluminium louvres, which give an essence of camouflage with the random play of light and shadow. The relationship between scale and volume contributes to an immersive experience, ultimately celebrating the beauty of the African bush.

The design of Bothaville has just been completed.  This 3-storey private residence is nestled between a rocky outcrop and nature reserve, east of Pretoria. The design makes use of board-formed concrete walls that anchor the building to its site and add to the overarching sense of order, scale, and rhythm.  The elongated entrance roof welcomes visitors and creates anticipation of what lies ahead, while the north side of the building offers uninterrupted views of the reserve.

We are thrilled to introduce Kasambabezi, yet another luxury private lodge, bordering Lake Kariba in Zambia. The lodge is designed as a sanctuary, taking full advantage of visual cues and connections to its remarkable landscape.

Solid stone walls tie the building back to the site and create a heavy base for the sleek, contrasting structure of the first storey.  Landscaped roofs and balconies with strategically positioned apertures are used as connecting elements in between the primary buildings, creating a resort-like environment.

We feel our design approach is not only sensitive to the environment, but also to its inhabitants.

Our design of a new multi-storey office building – Woodmead Head Office, is making strides. The dynamic sculptural facades create a beautiful interplay between solid and void, while providing the building, and its occupants, with the required screening and protection from the busy M1 highway.

The building, which was designed to maximize natural light and promote environmental well-being, is wrapped around a central atrium, lush with an abundance of greenery and foliage.  This biophilic approach not only connects one with nature, but also significantly contributes to the creation of meaningful space.

Beyond its striking appearance, the building prioritizes functionality with sustainable features at its core. From its open and flexible interior spaces that foster collaboration and innovation, to its energy-efficient systems that reduce its ecological footprint, every aspect of Woodmead Offices is designed to engage all the senses and foster a harmonious work environment.

Phenomenology places humans at the center of design.  It focuses on how we perceive and interact with interior spaces.  The needs, behaviors, and preferences of our clients are considered, ensuring that the design resonates with the occupants on a personal and emotional level.

The interior design of Sydney Residence, Mot Residence and Listowel Solicitors are all fantastic examples of this.

Emphasis on spatial flow, thoughtful selection of materials, consideration of scale, and contextual integration all play a significant role in achieving the central objective of phenomenological interior design.

Essentially, M Square Lifestyle Design endeavors to create spaces that have meaning and leave a lasting impact on their users, transcending the realms of mere aesthetics and functionality.

Within this philosophy, bringing the exterior into the interior architecture contributes greatly to the design of any space, serving as a vital catalyst to elevate any sensory experience.

M Square Lifestyle Necessities is at the core of this and provides us with meticulously curated furniture, lighting, and accessories. Alongside bespoke kitchen and walk in closets, these pieces not only add to the functionality of our designs, but also infuse them with a distinctive character and ambiance. It is through this seamless integration of design that we breathe life into our interiors, forging spaces that are not only meaningful, but also unforgettable.

With our commitment to meaningful designs, beside our preferred consultants, we look forward to the continued journey of exploration and creation in the world of architecture and interior design with you.


Michael, for and on behalf of Nico, Santa, Werner, Margot, Chris, Justin and Melanie