Entrance design and first impressions

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Entrance design and first impressions

The proverbial saying, “First Impressions last” carries so much more weight outside of the realm of human interaction, as much as the notion that you will never get another chance to make a first impression. These sentiments apply to individuals as much as it does architectural edifices.

Every site has a unique and deliberate narrative formed over time, whether it offers a glimpse into its own history, its surrounding context or a vestige of the future, the narrative is latent and embedded and belongs to the place. Ultimately, as architects, our purpose is to uncover, exploit and enhance these virtues by establishing experiences that leave impressions.

A good impression, has a marked and often favourable influence or effect on our emotions and senses. Entryways to a building or home should be no different, as they offer a greeting space, or a series of spaces for visitors and the inhabitants. These thresholds, whether singular or multiple, establishes an atmosphere and experience leading up to a specific spatial treatment inside the house. Entrances by way of material or level changes, either from the floor or the roof/ceiling height, whether through sounds of water features, or framed vistas along a delineated axis, forms the principals upon which people will be impressed and influenced. Thresholds also offer solutions to the layering and sequencing of public to private realms, as well as the outdoor and indoor environments and their interwoven relationship, which characterises most contemporary homes.

To leave a lasting impression, one must be open to change, to mutations of thought brought about by the interplay of light and dark spaces, material changes underfoot, and open-plan arrangements that develop into broken-plan arrangements. We employ various spatial tactics to impress upon the family’s soul and experience of their home, with the sole purpose of providing a sense of safety, comfort, and pleasure from the exterior into the interior We also . utilise the power of acoustics, the subtle nuances of light and the visceral sensation of touch to envelop our client’s experience and impressions.

Unfortunately, in recent times, and perhaps predicated by the Modern and Post-Modern movements, the contemporary house finds itself with two primary entrances. This is very much due to the car-culture of the times, forcing homeowners to enter and experience their home from their garage or carport, while guests have the beautiful experience of the tailored first impression through the Entrance. We, therefore, aim to improve your experience, not only from an architectural design through NVDM Architects, but also from an Interior Design point of view, where MSLD offers unique value, as even this should be meaningful and experiential.

Although the task of crafting a magnificent, yet homey arrival is quite a complex task, internally and externally, it forms a paramount enhancement of your experience in your home.


Justin, for and on behalf of Nico, Santa, Werner, Margot, Michael, Chris, and Melanie

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