July 2021 Newsletter

July 2021 Newsletter

If you deduct the December holidays, it is difficult to believe that more than half of the year is gone.

So far, this year has been a strange one, and with new restrictions due to ‘Wave 3’, it is becoming even more so.  However, there seems to be a bit of a revival in the demand for new designs in South Africa and even the international enquiries seem to be picking up.

We currently have several projects under construction: Culross Residence in Bryanston is nearing completion, House Wonder in Mooikloof where the basement and ground floor are completed and the building is now at first-floor level, as well as Project Rise in Morningside, which is also at first-floor level.  Construction has started on Kahb Residence in Steyn City, Pebble Place in Eagle Canyon Estate, and alterations to House V in Featherbrooke.  The structure of Sandhurst Residence is complete, and S Residence in Sandhurst is also almost complete.

The new equestrian stables, arena, and renovations to Residence Jacaranda in Kyalami are presently being priced by the Quantity Surveyor and the interior design of Riverglen Residence is progressing well.

Internationally, both House Tag, the Lusaka Residence, and House Lubumbashi are nearing completion. Tampa Residence in the USA, Residence Singapore, and House in Southern Africa is currently being tendered. The Highgate development in Australia is in the marketing phase and Stacks Mountain Residence in Ireland has been submitted to the local authorities for scrutiny and approval.

July 2021 Newsletter

July 2021 NewsletterThe house in Mooikloof Heights (VTour) and House Victoria (VTour) have been published in several local and international magazines and on the web.

We are busy working on several new residences, amongst others a 2000sq.m. residence in Blue Hills and a 900sq.m.residence in Blair Atholl, our 5th project in this estate.  Internationally we are working on a new 1000sq.m. home in Nairobi.

I thought I will share an inspirational message by Pope Francis, quote:

“I do not consider this as isolation/lockdown having to stay at home with whom we love.  Isolation is what the seriously ill are experiencing in hospital.  Stop saying that you are bored, upset that you can’t leave the house, while everyone in the hospital wants to go home.  So, thank God if you have to stay at home, because despite everything, with money or without money, with a job or without a job, you are in the best place you could be, at home, surrounded by who loves you! Perhaps it is time to transform your house into a wonderful place to stay, a place of peace and not of war, of embrace and not of distance.  Anyway, look with different eyes at the situation you are experiencing!  Make your house a party: Listen to music, sing, dance…… Make your house a place of worship. Pray, pray, meditate, ask, thank, praise, plead …  Make your home a school:  Read, write, draw, paint, study, learn, teach …  Make your house a store: Clean, order, organize, decorate, label, move, sell, donate …  Make your house a restaurant: cook, eat, try, create recipes, grow spices, plant a garden …  Exercise and be fit as it is said in the Bible 1 Corinthians 6-19: your body is a temple Take care of yourself.   Anyway …  make your house, your family, a place of love. Make the best possible use of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity….”

July 2021 Newsletter

Nico van der Meulen & Team.