December 2020 Newsletter

December Newsletter 2020

December Newsletter 2020It is with great privilege that we write to you at the end of another month and year. The year 2020 will linger long in our memories for its unease and disruption of the normal way of life.

We have been fortunate enough to reconcile our working environments to suit the daily requirements of designing extraordinary homes for you, our incredible clients. We are thankful to all of you for your continued support as we share some of our latest projects.

From the Architectural desk, we have developed the design of a multi-level home in Roodekrans, which exhibits a beautifully crafted lanai at the edge of an elongated Infinity Pool.

The design comprises the use of natural stone & concrete with the contrast of raw, mild steel to enhance the contemporary industrial palette.

December Newsletter 2020

Projects of this nature present an opportunity for us to explore spatial definition through carefully considered material combinations.

Once the actual construction is done, we are able to showcase completed projects as with Residence Victoria situated in Waterfall Estate.

To complete a project of this nature adds incentive, purpose, and meaning to the design process in our daily working environment, with the aim to deliver on the specific requirements of clients, the creativity which our clients appreciate.

December Newsletter 2020

Architecture and interior design are so intertwined in our way of working that the separation should hardly be distinctive.   As with Residence Victoria, the multilevel interior responds effectively to the monolithic exterior of stone and concrete by using upholstered and natural timber elements combined with brass accents as a common thread through the interior.   We were also able to showcase bespoke furniture, kitchen cupboards, and built-in-cupboards supplied by M Square Lifestyle Necessities

December Newsletter 2020Similarly, architecture is interwoven with the landscape where we connect the building to the natural strata and landscape as showcased in Residence Makhado and Pebble Place.   Residence Frans also invites nature to be part of the architecture and interior, thereby diminishing the boundaries as set by traditional architecture.

The beauty of architecture lies in its reception and perception.  We experience human-scaled spaces, filled with a specific ambience through honest materials, intentional spatial programming, all while responding to our clients’ requirements.

At the end of an unforgettable year, forever imprinted in our minds, we thank you for your continued support, engagement, and trust over this past year, sharing in our successes and memorable moments in spite of the often grim news.

From the entire team at Nico van der Meulen Architects,  we wish to extend our best wishes for a joyous festive season, happy holidays, and hopefully a better New Year.

Nico van der Meulen & Team.

December Newsletter 2020