Rose of Sharon Apartment

Designed by:M Square Lifestyle Design
Location:Lagos, Nigeria
Residence Size:


Rose of Sharon Apartment

Design description:

The Rose of Sharon Apartment is an interior project by Phia van der Meulen and M Square Lifestyle Design and is located in Lagos, Nigeria.

The interior of the apartment consists of an entrance hall, guest bathroom, bar, living area, dining room, home cinema, study, gym, gym bathroom, main bedroom with a lounge and en-suite, two family bedrooms with en-suites. Outside, also designed by M Square Lifestyle Design, are multiple balcony decks, as well as a balcony terrace and jacuzzi deck.

The tone of the design was that of faceted planes and clean lines, while the general palette was based on dark interiors with light floors and reflective surfaces. This palette was achieved with the use of LED lighting and black tinted glass and mirrors.

The tiling for the floor consisted of porcelain tiles, polished granite, black vogue carpeting and raised illuminated glass, while the walls focused on interlam paneling, black lavastone cladding, black back-painted glass and Lithos Design Nuance Tartan.

In terms of ceilings, various bulkheads were applied throughout the house with different coloured LED lights strategically placed to compliment the chosen space. Black and mirrored barrisol ceilings, some with inlayed LED lights were also installed. 

High gloss and satin Duco, 3Form lightline feature panels, Nocturne Corian shelving with integrated LED lighting, hidden storage unites and an aquarium unit with black powder‐coated galvanised steel fins were also features within the apartment.

Lighting plays an extremely large role in the design of this apartment and is utilized to give colour to the neutral colour palette of the rest of the design. Different ways that the lights are shop fitted also lend to a dynamic appearance to the spaces.