Designed by:Nico van der Meulen Architects
Location:Windhoek, Nambia
Residence Size:



Design description:

Hotel Diana is a new commercial project designed by Nico and Werner van der Meulen, including interior design by M Square Lifestyle Design, which is located in Windhoek, Namibia.

The simplicity of the client’s brief, a contemporary luxury hotel, gave the team the freedom to explore and experiment with the design of the hotel.

The end result was a building based around the use of weathered steel which was particularly used with the design of crosshatched screens that decorates the various sides of the building. Because large parts of the walls are made up of windows and glass, the screens also help provide privacy for its occupant while still allowing light through.

M Square Lifestyle Design’s involvement in the project focused on the intuitive and ergonomic design of the cocktail lounge, deluxe suite, entrance lobby, luxury suite, standard suite and wine cellar.

The general palette for the interior was natural light grey with warm and dark accent colours. A combination of Danish white oak and textured grass wallpaper was used to enhance the

natural white palette. In some cases natural elements and wood were used in contrast with concrete and hot rolled mild steel finishing.


To compliment the warm furnishings, light and natural fabrics were used for the furniture while timber, cemcrete and porcelain tiling made up the floors. The ceilings vary between slatted timber, off shutter concrete, suspended timber planks and plaster and painted ceilings.  Bulkheads with light troughs and recessed lighting were applied to the ceiling. To create a smooth transition between walls and ceilings, similar textures were used.


A combination of wood, cast in situ concrete, natural grass wallpaper and mild steel feature elements were brought in while visual bands were used to imply connectivity.


Furnishings were sourced from well-known international brands such as B & B Italia, MOTENI, KRISTALIA and FOSCARINI.