Designed by:Werner van der Meulen
Location:Democratic Republic of Congo
Residence Size:



Design description:

Designed by Nico and Werner van der Meulen, the contemporary structure of the DHR Apartments is a modular apartment block situated in Kinsasha within the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The client brief was the redesign of the apartment block’s façade as a more current take on normal apartment blocks. This led to the appearance of the apartment blocks being very form based varying between rectangles and squares to bring a new dynamic and asymmetrical appearance. The design also lent varying depths to the exterior. The rest of the exterior was kept to a neutral palette, accentuating the current contemporary trend of minimalism.

The contemporary aspect of this apartment block was showcased in the use of materials focusing mostly on a mix of steel, wood and concrete, thereby providing contrasting elements on the façade of the building.

Lastly and importantly, the use of plant life to enhance the balconies of the apartments adds to the balance of textures. The balconies, though small, extend outward from each apartment, providing a private deck for its occupants to entertain on and view the surrounding areas and Congo River.

DHR Apartments is proof of the company’s ability to take a normal brief, conceptualize and pursue a current design that will hold its own for many years to come.