Designed by:Nico van der Meulen & Chris Clarke
Location:Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Residence Size:


Clusters in Ivory Coast

Design description:

Located in Abidjan and designed by Nico van der Meulen and Chris Clarke, the Ivory Coast clusters contain twelve free standing villas. These double storey villas vary in floor area, between 400m² to 460m², and are each surrounded by a vast garden and lush vegetation.

The approach used when designing the Ivory Coast clusters was to create something different from the established cluster design often found in the Ivory Coast area.  Focus was given to the living and entertainment spaces by blurring the thresholds between the internal and external spaces.  Each villa’s living space opens up to the garden and offers pool side dining, while the bedrooms are located on the first floor.  Double volumes were used to create a grand feeling in the living spaces, and while allowing natural light into the back of the villas.

The layouts of each villa were optimized to accommodate their position on the site while still orientating each building towards north, thus the clusters are able to take advantage of the natural light. This design philosophy of being ecologically amenable, is imbued in all Nico van der Meulen Architects’ designs.

Steel, concrete and glass were used to give the designs a contemporary design feel. Full glazed north facades were used to allow natural light into the building, while also allowing the buildings to cool down by naturally ventilating the internal spaces.