Nico van der Meulen Architecture

Architecture Nico van der Meulen

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, humankind’s most basic requirements are a safe and secure place to rest.


We need a place that protects us from the elements – rain, wind, cold – and a place that protects us from our predators. Once we have this basic structure of a roof over our heads and walls to keep us safe we are able play with the spaces and lines, to truly create a home that represents who we are.


This is where the architectural practice; Nico van der Meulen excel.  By manipulating classical lines and features with a contemporary architectural twist the homes that Nico van der Meulen Architect’s design have a timeless quality.


Although the architecture firm plays with the boundaries of space and design they stay true to the trope of from following function.


Form, function, space and design are the cornerstones of architecture – the foundations if you will. Without function there can be no lines to play with or space to manipulate.


Without the four walls and the roof architects are merely dreamers. They are artists with no means of creating something tangible. Architects take our visions are ideas and give them scope, making them a reality.


Based in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa, this architecture practice has gone from strength to strength and is sought after by international clients; seeking simplicity of architecture that works on many levels – as a home and a sculpture.


The years of experience and the services that the architecture practice offers ensures that you only receive world-class results.


When you use the practice of Nico van der Meulen, your home isn’t simply home; it becomes your refuge from reality – a place of escape – Nico van der Meulen architects create homes that protect you and adhere to the most basic requirements in an elegant and aesthetic way.