Clusters Portfolio

Cluster development are mainly found in high density urban areas where groupings of residential properties can be found on a development site, with the extra land used as open space for recreation or agricultural purposes.

There are two types of cluster development in play namely Twonhouse development and super developments

Cluster development is also known as conservation development, the practice of low impact development which groups residential properties in a proposed subdivision closer together. This is mainly to use the open space for other purposes.

Planned Unit Development is not the same as Cluster Development, as Planned Unit Development is a mix of commercial, industrial and residential uses. Cluster Development’s main area of focus lies in residential.

Aligned to Nico van der Meulen Architects ethical view on developing eco-friendly architecture, Cluster Development can protect sensitive areas of the development site, and preserve the natural habitat around the project and property.

The primary purpose of Cluster Development is to provide a habital space that is more social, focuses on outside space and recreation.

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