MARCH 2019 NEWSLETTER __ STRIDING INTO 2019 A YEAR OF BALANCING SCALES __ This is our first newsletter of the year and it’s hard to believe that almost 20% of the year is already gone! Several of our projects are due to take off soon, and amongst others, a spectacular home in Steyn City, a major...
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Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter. The new year has brought exciting developments, opportunities and interesting projects. We take great pleasure in welcoming  Michael Zietsman, Chris Clarke and Justin Coetzee, previously introduced in earlier editions of our newsletter, as Associates  at Nico van der Meulen Architects. The intention of our newsletters is to...
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Norman Foster is famous for saying that, as an architect you design for the present with awareness of the past and for a future that is essentially unknown. As with most aspects of today’s culture and society, history is a prominent feature – especially in contemporary architecture. Contemporary architecture is the ethos of the 21st...
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